Kentucky Health Survey Registry

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This application supports the entry and tracking of survey information relating to the health care utilization and service.

The time is 11:18 PM on February 10, 2016.

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For KY Health Survey program support, please contact:

Cabinet for Health and Family Services
Office of Health Policy
Health Policy Planning and Development

Contacts for survey.
SurveyContactPhone #eMail Address
Ambulatory Surgery IIBeth A. Morris(502) 564-9592 x
Home Health IISheena R. Eckley502-564-9592 x
HospiceSheena R. Eckley(502)564-9592 x
HospitalBeth A. Morris(502) 564-9592 x
Long Term CareBeth Morris(502)564-9592 x
Megavoltage Radiation (Linear Accelerator) Beth A. Morris(502) 564-9592 x
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Beth A. Morris(502) 564-9592 x
Private Duty NursingSheena R. Eckley502-564-9592 x
Positron Emission Tomography Beth A. Morris(502) 564-9592 x
Psychiatric Residential Treatment FacilityBeth Morris(502)564-9592 x
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